Q&A with the New Seminarians

What do you like about seminary so far?

Cole McDowell: “The aspects of seminary that I like the most are the fraternity and spirituality, which are often interconnected. We have a steady schedule of communal prayer here, reminding us that our relationship with God is not individualistic, but something to be shared with others. Not only are we accountable to one another for maintaining an authentic life of prayer, but we can also serve as great spiritual resources for one another during distressing times. The variety of personalities, backgrounds, and talents of my brother seminarians only enhances this experience. At Theological College, we have men who have been in the workforce for many years, men who have served in the military, and men who have been lifelong students, such as myself. Our ages range from 20 years old to the mid-forties. However, in spite of these great differences, we still come together in Christ and for Christ every day, and I believe our vocations are all the better for it.”

Dustin Hungerford: “I love the fraternity and welcome here. St. Meinrad fosters an incredible community. It has provided a real sense of brotherhood and sojourning together on the way to the place God is calling each of us.”

Evrard Muhoza:I like being in a seminary because I am in the process of finding out if really God is calling me to be a priest. I also like the opportunity I have to attend mass and adoration every day.”

Kenny Nauert: What I like most about seminary so far is that I’m studying and praying with like-minded men who are all discerning God’s will for their lives. We are all in this together, heading towards the same goal.”


What is your favorite class and why?

Kenny Nauert: “My favorite class right now is Ancient Philosophy. It deals a lot with the foundations of thought, knowledge, and reasoning necessary for understanding theology. Plus, it’s interesting to learn about the ancient philosophers and how their thoughts and ideas were built upon by Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. ”

Evrard Muhoza: I do not have a specific class I like most, but I like all my classes.”

Dustin Hungerford: “My favorite class is probably the elective I am taking on the use and appearance of Satan in literature throughout history. It helps to place evil in its proper context, engage in the variety of ways the Devil has been imaged and understood, and to gain an authentic understanding of how the Evil One truly affects the lives of the faithful.”

Cole McDowell: “My favorite class is Philosophy of Human Nature. We are fortunate to have a very bright, eccentric professor who largely teaches his course through meaningful dialogues with students, much like the Socratic method. The course challenges us to reflect upon the obvious: what is special about human beings, and can this information inform us about how we should live our lives?”


Who is your favorite saint and why?

Evrard Muhoza:St. Maria Goretti. She is my favorite saint because I was in a choir named after her back in Burundi for three years before I came to the U.S.A.”

Dustin Hungerford: “My favorite saint is the Blessed Mother. She has been a staple of my home life since I was a child and I can think of no better person to lean on for help than your mother!”

Cole McDowell: “My favorite saint is St. Ignatius of Antioch, whose seven letters stand among the earliest Christian documents that we have outside of the New Testament. Unlike many early Christian sources, there is a virtual scholarly consensus that Ignatius is the genuine author of these letters, which makes them quite valuable for our understanding of the early church. Ignatius’ zeal for Christ, his pastoral mission, and his striking anticipation of martyrdom make him a thoroughly attractive figure for me, both spiritually and academically.”

Kenny Nauert: I have two favorite saints, St. Anthony of Padua and St. Padre Pio. St. Anthony is my confirmation saint, and we’re on a first name basis because I lose things all the time. Padre Pio is one of my favorites because my Mom wore a prayer card of him while she was pregnant with me. They’re both amazing examples of love and of following Christ.”